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The Floor Is Up, The Ceiling Is To The Right, And Everything Else Is Walls

(And I Still Don't Know What The Hell Is Going On...)

26 March 1986
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Hm, I always have the strongest urges to write something witty yet coherent within this little box. Instead I shall simply go for the utterly insane.

Hail the dark ham of insanity! May it fly freely through the black holes of Baltimore! If I had wanted this turkey bacon, I would have asked for it on the side! How dare you insinuate that I possess the jewel of New Guinea Pig! Fluff.

I ♥ the following things:
--Trees and moss and fungus and beetles
--The order Rodentia
--Ugly animals
--Dogs, too
--Manta rays jumping in the ocean
--Elliot Stabler
--Perusing bound leafs of ground up tree with words, er, books
--Kent Cook
--Random deities
--Other things


This concludes your surreal moments with Alli's profile.

--PSA: Do not ever leave a stoner alone with a Extra Large Family size box of Lucky Charms. Not unless you are trying to kill them.--
aggiecon, akon, albinoblacksheep.com, angel sanctuary, anime, athena, austin, avenged sevenfold, bands, baritone, bass guitar, bisexuality, black sun rising, books, boy meets boy, brad pitt, brandon lee, brotherhood of the wolf, c.s. friedman, center stage, chicken assassins, clan of the cats, clubbing, coldfire, coleman, comics, console gaming, cowboy bebop, crown of shadows, damien vryce, dancing, dante, darren spooner, decorating, deep fried homeless baby, denton, diamond rio, dolls, drawing, drowning pool, drum corps, earth's children, ebaumsworld.com, el goonish shive, fairies, fall out boy, fantasy, fight club, final fantasy, finch, flute, fountains of wayne, friendly hostility, gambit, gerald tarrant, get fuzzy, good omens, graham norton effect, green brigade, green brigade marching band, hair dye, hamlet, him, hot hot heat, humor, i feel sick, in conquest born, instruments, james clavell, jarvis cocker, jean auel, john blackthorn, johnny the homocidal maniac, ju-on, ju-on 2, juniper, juon, juon 2, les pacte de loups, madness season, mammoth hunters, manga, meat puppets, michael whelan, michelle west, monica furlong, motograter, movies, music, neil gaiman, new order, ninja monkeys, oh my gods!, paganism, painting, pallas athena, plains of passage, playstation, playstation 2, politics, popcorn, prismacolors, pulp, rahxephon, red vs blue, remy lebeau, rings, s.l. viehl, sailor moon, sandman, science fiction, scifi expo, shogun, shojo ai, shonen ai, soul calibur, squee, starcraft, stardoc, superman's emo tear, taking back sunday, terriers, terry prachett, texas, the crow, the divine comedy, the pixies, the shelters of stone, theater, this alien shore, trigun, turin brakes, uncanny x-men, university of north texas, unt, ushicon, valley of horses, voldo, vts finest.com, weib kreuz, when true night falls, wise child, witchcraft, writing, x-men, yaoi con, yellowcard


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